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Common Heart Diseases in Dogs

There are two different types of common dog heart diseases. One of them is Congenital and the other one is acquired dog heart disease. Anyone who owns a dog must have the knowledge of these common dog disease and medications. If you have enough knowledge of common heart disease in dogs you can deliver swift medication and dog medications on [...]


Training a Thoroughbred

It’s a joy for thoroughbred owners to see their pet horse develop to its full potential and claim its glory, even just once, in a racetrack. To make this happen proper diet and “horse training” should be the brick and mortar of a thoroughbred. For this, horse racing programs that ensure the proper physical, emotional, and psychological development of your [...]


Raising Exotic Pet Chameleon

There might be many people who don’t know much about reptiles and might be wondering if it’s safe to adopt a chameleon as pet. The first thing that comes to mind is whether they are poisonous or safe. Most people who want to keep chameleon as pet for the first time might not know how to take care of them, [...]


Bengal Cat: Big Cat for the Big Boys

Considered the big cat for the big boys, the Bengal cat is an exotic pet that you can get if living with a dog in a condo is too cliché for you. Packed with playful attitude, immunity to common lethal feline viruses and leukemia, and a build of an Asian leopard cat wrapped in an amazing color pattern, you couldn’t [...]


The White Lion

Owning an exotic pet white lion may only be possible for hardcore pet lovers with extra million dollars to burn from their asset because keeping an aggressive predator such as a lion as pet is expensive. Having a lion in your yard can be a cause of alarm for many: the neighbors’ cats and their owners, your family and friends, [...]


Popular Pet Parrot Species

This might surprise some: choosing a particular parrot species to take home as pet is challenging. You think you know what pet bird to get only to be surprised with a wide array of pet parrot species when you get to the pet store. The choices can be confusing, and if you’re buying a pet parrot for the first time, [...]


How to Care for a Whip Scorpion

Although they may look like a pet insect or scorpion, a whip scorpion is neither. Being an arachnid, whip scorpions are closer to spiders in terms of genetic makeup than an insect or a scorpion. Despite its monstrous look and intimidating name, however, a whip scorpion is a gentle pet arachnid to have. It’s gentler than other pet insects, and [...]


Owning a Pet Fancy Mouse

Ever since, mice have been given a bad rap by the media. They’re one of the most condemned animals that walked on the face of the earth—mouse control contraptions of all types and sizes have been created for their demise. But for some people, the atrocities of mice are part and partial of their being mice. And for some, a [...]



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