Exotic pets

Raising Exotic Pet Chameleon

There might be many people who don’t know much about reptiles and might be wondering if it’s safe to adopt a chameleon as pet. The first thing that comes to mind is whether they are poisonous or safe. Most people who want to keep chameleon as pet for the first time might not know how to take care of them, [...]

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The White Lion

Owning an exotic pet white lion may only be possible for hardcore pet lovers with extra million dollars to burn from their asset because keeping an aggressive predator such as a lion as pet is expensive. Having a lion in your yard can be a cause of alarm for many: the neighbors’ cats and their owners, your family and friends, [...]

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The Capuchin Monkeys as Pet

Ever since “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Night at the Museum,” the capuchin monkeys have gained popularity. You know how it is when Hollywood holds a prop… everyone follows. Another highlight about capuchin monkeys is when a late-night TV news program featured the monkey species as a service primate, as they’ve been trained by a non-profit organization that helps people [...]

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Are Pet Exotic Animals Right For You

Before you can consider yourself an exotic pet owner, you have to be able to determine what exotic pet really is about. Just because the animal boarded a ship from Africa or Asia to reach a pet store in America doesn’t mean it’s exotic. Exotic pets are animals that are not usual to have as pets; they can be amphibians, [...]

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Pet Ball Python Care Sheet

For a really ballsy animal lover, a ball python is the perfect pet. Not everyone screams with glee when they see a snake, but at least most people stands in awe when they see a stocky, beautifully colored ball python. Since the exotic pet ball python is most likely not native to where you live, you need a short ball [...]

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Exotic Pet Centipede

Certainly centipedes are not cute; nonetheless, there are people who want them as pets, so exotic pet centipedes still deserve the mention. If you’re new to caring for exotic pets, however, it’s best to be cautious about having an exotic pet centipede; the animal can inflict a nasty, painful (some deadly) bite! Here’s what you need to know if you’re [...]

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Hedgehog, The Spiky Mammal Urchin

If soft fur or colorful feathers are too ordinary for you, get a cute, spiky hedgehog instead. Unlike a cat or a canary, a hedgehog is unique from the way it looks to the way it challenges you when it gets cranky. But like any other strange pet, learn everything you can about hedgehogs before giving the green light. After [...]

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Sloths, The Cutest Exotic Pet You Can Own

If you’re wondering what’s the cutest, most adorable exotic pet you can own, hands down the answer is… a sloth. Looking at this slow-moving, tree-dwelling Amazonian mammal, you’d swear it is smiling back at you. And how many friends do you have that own a sloth for a pet? Probably you’ll be the first in your group. So after buying [...]

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Guide to Keeping a Pet Wallaby

One of the most important people to own a pet wallaby was former President Calvin Coolidge, U.S.’s 30th president. Wallabies are native to Australia, but you can own one anywhere in the world as long as you acquire them legally and you have pertinent permits to own them. But because wallabies are exotic pets, they have slightly different needs from [...]

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Pet Anteater: Stunning or Strange

For most of you, the closest you can get to an anteater is when National Geographic shows it bulldozing an ant mound. But for Angela Goodwin in Oregon, only an anteater could pass as a furry, four-legged best friend. Angela has two pet anteaters: Pua and Stewie. According to her, anteaters are adorable, intelligent creatures that make very good pets [...]

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