Lucky Seven Favorite Dogs for Men

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It seems like men and women not only hold different tastes for movies, they have different tastes for dog breeds too. And it seems like the stereotype that manly men wants big and brawny loyal companion still holds true – the Chihuahua has not made it to the list of favorite dogs among men, so far. In case you’re curious, here are the lucky seven favorite dogs among men.

1. Labrador Retriever

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The Labrador Retriever still wins as the number one voted breed for men according to the American Kennel Club. The Lab’s friendly, outgoing, and smart personality and its strong physique enamored the men to the breed since 1997. The Labrador Retriever is smart, versatile dog ready to charm judges in dog shows with its wits and looks, and the breed is very enthusiastic about hunting too. It’s very loyal to its owner and gentle around kids and other pets, so it deserves all the accolades.

2. German Shepherd

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Another breed that makes it to the list of favorite dogs among men is the German Shepherd. The breed is very loyal and alert with strong guarding instincts, so it’s very popular as a law enforcement dog or a guard dog around the house. German Shepherds are handsome and proud, playful, and very responsive to their owners’ commands; they’re not hard to socialize.

3. Pit Bull Terrier

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Despite the negative publicity that pit bulls are getting, still the breed is included in the men’s list of favorite dogs as pets. You see this breed often in the hands of macho rappers and dog handlers to wow other pet dog owners with their brawny dogs – often involve in some awful dog contest, which should not be emulated. Despite the bad picture painted on pit bull terriers, they are capable of affection and socialization, too. However, a Pit Bull Terrier or any of the Pit Bull breeds are still not advisable to get if you have young children at home; in fact, some cities in the U.S. banned the Pit Bull as a pet.

4. Rottweiler

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Although it has similar badass reputation as the Pit Bull Terrier, the Rottweiler made it 4th on the list of men’s favorite dogs. Despite its infamous reputation, Rottweilers are capable of socializing if properly trained and exposed to people while a puppy. But like the Pit Bulls, Rottys are still not advisable around kids, and strangers should approach the dog with caution.

5. Great Dane

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The tall and long physique of a Great Dane mixed with its gentle disposition had the dog listed number five on men’s favorite dogs. Great Danes are awesome companions for young children, and they’re very courageous, loyal, and dependable companions earning them the title of gentle giants.

6. Rhodesian Ridgeback

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Otherwise called as the African Lion Dog, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is a sturdy dog breed that is known to stand up against lions in Africa. The dog’s body is very resilient, well-built for handwork in the plains like rounding up cattle. The breed is intelligent enough to size up the threat whether it warrants attack or just a watchful, alert presence. Men have this breed on their favorite dogs list because it’s loyal enough to defend its master and clever enough to avoid danger when it can.

7. Bloodhound

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The best dog for hunting pursuits, the Bloodhound is the lucky number 7th on men’s list of favorite dogs. The breed is a favorite among game hunters as it is relentless in following the tiniest trail of scent of the game. Even if you’re not fond of hunting, the breed makes a loyal pet dog with some crazy antics and playful attitude. Bloodhounds are dominant dogs, though, so you must remind them who the pack leader is to return them to their proper place in the pack – or in this case, in your house.




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