Make or Adopt a Virtual Pet

make a vritual pet

Although you can’t pet and cuddle virtual pets while you watch TV, they are as fun to have as real pets. Virtual pets make your computer screen come alive. The things that you can do and the types of virtual pets you can own are virtually endless when it comes to virtual pets. You can even make your own virtual pet if you want.

What Can You Do with Your Virtual Pet

Virtual pets give life and entertainment into your otherwise monotonous computer screen. If you have spare time, you can even interact and play games with other virtual pet owners around the world. Here’s a detailed list of what you can do with your virtual pet.

1. Play games

virtual pet game contest

Who says you can’t play games with your virtual pet? Adopting or making your own virtual pet allows you to play sports, educational, board games, and even compete with other virtual pet owners with their computer-generated pets. Most if not all virtual pet communities provide fun games for you to play with your virtual pet. Some of these games could win you virtual money you can use to buy virtual stuff for your pet. And even some allow you to win real bucks you can withdraw!

2. Do battles

digital pet battle

Although you can’t battle real pets, virtual pet battles are popular among virtual pet communities. You can battle your virtual pet dragon against another person’s virtual pet monster for example.

3. Clubs

clubs for virtual pets

But by far, the most popular activity that most virtual pet owners do is to meet online and form online communities with fellow virtual pet owners. They form forums and message boards to keep each other updated with the recent virtual pet gadget or activity they can do with their virtual pets. Did you know that there’s also a thing called virtual pet sitter? Virtual pet owners often pet sit each other’s virtual pets while the owner is out on vocation!

Where to Make or Adopt a Virtual Pet

The most important question, however, is where to make or adopt your own virtual pets. So here’s a list of the most popular virtual pets you can check.


marapet virtual pet is a favorite among young girls who like to play dress up with their pet. In order to use the site, you need to own at least one pet – you can own up to 12 pets if you’re that bold. Just like real pets, you need to feed, bathe, cure back to health when they’re sick, play games, and put to bed to sleep when your “marapet” is tired. If you’re not going to take good care of your “marapet,” it could get sick and die.


neopets virtual pet is among the pioneers when it comes to virtual pets. Here you can adopt your own virtual pet, play virtual games with your pet, join forums and boards where you can interact with other virtual pet owner, and may more. Nilo the yellow fox will welcome you to the site and show you around. If nothing from the thousands of available virtual pets interests you, you can make your own virtual pet on


adoptme virtual pet has an entire of selection of virtual pets that you can adopt from dogs to guinea pigs to frogs to caterpillars. Your virtual pet can take a job, chat and play games with other pets, etc. Whatever pet that interests you, you can adopt it from

So if you’re not allowed to get a real pet, there’s no need to be sad. You can always make or adopt your own virtual pet and start caring for your own furry best friend, online, for now.




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    I cant wait to see the dog that i will get.


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