Molting Pet Scorpion Care

caring for molting pet scorpion

One aspect that all pet scorpion owners should know about is how to care for a molting scorpion. Molting scorpions are vulnerable. In fact, a lot of scorpion deaths in the wild and in captivity happen when the scorpion is molting. So to avoid tragic surprises with your pet, learn how to take care of a molting scorpion.

Why Do Scorpions Molt

molting scorpion

Understanding what’s happening in a scorpion’s body during molting helps you to provide better care for your pet scorpion when it’s molting. Scorpions molt 6-10 times in their lifetime to grow. During molting, scorpions will shed off their old, outgrown outer shell and replace it with new shell that allows them to grow rapidly during few hours while the new shell is still soft. The metabolic processes involved in molting and the soft, new shell expose scorpions to danger during molting.

How Can You Tell If the Scorpion Is Ready to Molt

scorpion molt skin

So how can you tell if your scorpion is ready to molt. Scorpions getting ready to molt appear sluggish and refuse to eat. It prefers to stay inside its hiding place even if there’s a fat cricket flattering at its door. You’ll know that the molting process has begun because your pet would lie very still and its shell would appear cloudy and translucent.

What Could Go Wrong during Molting

scorpion changing skin

A lot could go wrong while your pet scorpion is molting. The most common are injuries caused by physical blows to your pet from its tank mates or from you. Yes, owners can accidentally injure their molting scorpions by handling it while molting. That’s why you have to learn how to tell if your pet is molting. The molting process itself could go haywire: your pet could lose a limb or could die from impartial or incomplete molting.

How to Minimize Possible Problems during Molting

Here are some tips to minimize the risk to your molting pet scorpion.

1. Place your pet in separate tank

tank molting scorpion

If you house 2-3 scorpions in one tank, you have to remove the other scorpions and keep them in temporary enclosure. Don’t remove the molting scorpion from the tank because handling the molting animal could harm it. So it’s better to remove the other scorpions that aren’t harm when pick up by a pair of tong.

2. Do not handle while molting

molting pet scorpion care

Disruptions and stress could result to impartial molting. And the molting scorpion’s body is vulnerable to injuries several hours before and after the old shell is shed. So don’t handle your pet scorpion during this time. Just let it lie still in its hiding place.

3. Keep moisture and temperature correct

caring for pet scorpion

Different pet scorpion species require different moisture and temperature level. It’s extremely important to monitor and follow the correct moisture and temperature requirement of your pet scorpion species while it’s molting. Incorrect levels of moisture and temperature can result to impartial molting that’s harmful to your pet.

4. Don’t force your pet to eat

pet scorpion hunting

Molting scorpions don’t eat. Forcing your pet to eat during this time can harm it. Remove the feeder insect from the tank because it can injure your molting pet.

5. Don’t attempt to take the exuviae

scorpion exuviea

And no matter how tempting, do not attempt to help your pet molt by removing the exuviae (the hard outer shell). If everything is in order, your pet is capable of extricating itself from its old shell without your help. Removing the exuviae by yourself could only harm your pet.

These are some tips you can follow to minimize the risk to your molting scorpion. With proper care, your scorpion should grow out of its old shell without a hitch.




4 Responses to “Molting Pet Scorpion Care”

  1. noel said:

    help! i thought my scorpion was just moulting but upon close inspection i have noticed quite a few tiny little creatures on and around him! are these mites and are they killing him???

  2. YourAuthor said:

    Don’t panic. Just take out your pet from it’s tank. Replace the tank’s substrate and disinfect everything.

    Put some baking soda or diatomaceous earth on a jar or glass pan and put your scorpion in; let your pet stay there for a couple of hours to get rid of the critters.

  3. David said:

    I have a large hairy scorpion,which I’ve had since Sept.2011. Have noticed that the past couple of days it is really slugish and soft to the touch. Any suggestions as to what might be going on?

  4. Simon Wilby Scam said:

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