Pet Wolf Spiders

pet wolf spider

The wolf spider is of the Lysosidae family, which is part of order Aranedia. In the United States, there are currently 125 species of pet wolf spider and 50 are found in Europe. Their usual body length is half an inch to two inches and their typical colors are brown or gray with stripe marks on their back. These markings are the reason they’re usually mistaken for the fishing spiders, which make another great pet spider.

Why Keep a Wolf Spider as Pet

wolf spider as pet

Most people think twice on the idea of keeping a pet wolf spider. They consider it dangerous and scary due to the different urban legends told about it. But for people who are looking for an interesting yet low maintenance pet, the pet spider is the answer. Aside from being low maintenance, they cost less, too. You don’t have to spend a fortune on pet supplies making this pet an ideal pet to keep.

Wolf Spider’s Natural Habitat

wolf spider natural habitat

Typically, the pet wolf spider is seen running across grounds during the morning. Day and night, they energetically hunt for their prey. The great mix of their vision and dexterity helps them when they are looking for food. They usually stay in tall shrubs where their prey is located. Some wolf spider species dig deep in the ground.

Housing a Pet Wolf Spider

housing pet wolf spider

When going to the pet supplies store and considering a pet spider to take home, the best thing to purchase are items that can keep the place dark because wolf spiders love their place to be dark. Terrarium supplies like artificial shrub, rock, or wood tunnel that will help you recreate home similar to their natural habitat will not only please your pet, it will lengthen its life too.

Feeding Pet Wolf Spider

pet wolf spider feed

The typical diet of your pet wolf spider is insects. Crickets, houseflies, and even lizards are part of its diet. In the wild, they are also known to have the ability to kill small birds and toads. If you are interested in pets that are not difficult to take care of in terms of food, then the pet wolf spider is perfect. You do not have to spend so much on pet supplies for it can feed on the insects living in your home. That means it can also be your means of pest control!

The Wolf Spider Bite

wolf spider bite

Being naturally wild, your pet wolf spider may bite. This spider is known to be poisonous but its bite is not lethal. Do not think that your pet is mean because this is their defense mechanism. This is their involuntary reaction to the unfamiliar things around them. The wolf spider is known to be a shy spider. Their first reaction on the possibility of human contact is to run away. Provocation or defense is their only reason to attack.

The Female Wolf Spider

mother wolf spider

One of the notable female arachnids around is the mother wolf spider for they display a degree of maternal behavior. Moms carry their eggs in their spinnerets, and they carry their eggs anywhere they go until they hatch. During the hatching process, the mother helps her young escape the egg. The mother spider allows them to ride on her abdomen for a week. In time, they will separate from their mother and start fending for themselves.

Knowing more about a pet spider lessens fear in it. So don’t be scared to keep a spider as pet. But keep in mind though that if you’re allergic to any type of insect bite, you can’t keep any venomous pet such as a wolf spider.




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    soooooooooooo cool

  2. DEUCE said:

    will outside material such as leaves and maybe some rocks help make my wolf spider’s living conditions better as well too?

  3. DEUCE said:

    what are the side effects of a wolf spider’s bite to a human?


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