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Wanting to adopt a pet dog but not sure if you’re up to the challenge of raising a living, breathing pet? Why don’t you try a virtual dog pet to experience, at least virtually, what’s it like to take care of a pooch. Adopting a virtual dog for a pet allows you to feed, walk, play, train, and show any pet dog breed of your choice with just few clicks of a button minus the fear of harming an actual living four-legged best friend. If you’re really serious about your pet virtual dog, there are sites that allow you to enter your virtual dog to win in contest which prize are real Benjamin Franklins straight to your bank account.

Why a Virtual Dog

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You can’t pet a virtual dog and it wouldn’t meet you all perky and happy at the door when you come home, so why have a virtual dog as a pet? For several reasons . . .

1. You don’t have to worry about doing harm to a cute dog because you forgot to feed it or take it to the vet for a checkup.
2. It’s a great way to pass some slack time in the afternoon or in the office just after lunch.
3. It’s free to get these virtual dogs on the Net.
4. You can enter your virtual dog on virtual pet show contests and win real money.

Yes, you can win real money with your virtual dog because there are online virtual pet dog shows in Ask-the-vet.com you can enter your electronic 3D pet to compete in categories like real dog shows. You’re not just spending some fun time on the Internet caring for your dog, you can win too.

Shidonni Virtual Dog

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Great for the young ones and the once young too, Shidonni.com lets you draw your own virtual pet dog much like you would on Windows paint and give it a life on the Web. You can draw anything from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane, and you can draw your pet’s own surroundings too. Whatever you want to feed your virtual dog, just draw it. The possibilities are endless for your virtual dog pet – your imagination is the limit. You may even want to draw your own virtual dog superhero and create its own villain for it to chase around – whatever you want for your pet, draw it, and Shidonni will breathe life to it on its website.

Adopt a Virtual Dog from Footpets

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Conceptualized and designed by a veterinarian, Footpets.com is meant for parents and children to adopt an abandoned dog together. The site wants to educate young children about dog care minus the risk of having the real thing in the house. Your young children will learn what dogs need to stay alive and happy, for example, and they’ll learn the importance of vet care for their pet dogs too. The 3D virtual dog looks like the real thing: fur, paws, pant, tail wag, and all – your child will certainly love his or her virtual pet dog.

Virtual Show Dog

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If you fancy owning a show dog but not sure if you’re up to the challenge of raising a high maintenance pooch, visit Showdog.com. The site has 180 different virtual show dogs that resemble the real thing: Beagle, Great Dane, Poodle, etc. You can grow them from a puppy until your pooches are just about the right age to compete with the other virtual show dogs of fellow site users. You can even raise multiple virtual show dog breeds in a kennel if you want to. The game is really fun for dog lovers across all ages; see the cost and the maintenance involved in show dogs before you try your luck on the real thing.




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