Proper Feeding of Pet Scorpions

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Pet scorpions have simple needs. Their main needs are proper shelter and proper food. If you can manage to get these two needs right, you’re bound to have a healthy pet scorpion that can live up to its lifetime. Luckily you can get all you need from pet scorpion supplies store or from online pet supplies stores.

What Do Scorpions Eat

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Scorpions eat live insects, small invertebrates, and even other scorpions. In captivity, pet scorpions are mostly fed with feeder insects like crickets, cockroach, grasshoppers, and mealworms. It’s very easy to obtain these feeder insects from Petco and other pet scorpion supplies stores. You can even order them from online pet supplies stores and have them delivered to your doorstep alive and crawling.

What to Feed Baby Scorpions

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Most questions regarding scorpion foods are regarding feeding baby scorpions. A lot of pet scorpion owners are caught unprepared what or how to feed baby scorpions when one of their adult pets turn out to bear babies.

During the first few days of baby scorpions lives, they are taken care of by their mother. In fact, you should not remove the babies from their mother if you want to give it a fair chance of survival. A mother scorpion tears up a portion of her meal and hand it over to her babies, which she carries on her back. When the babies reach 9-10 days old, they’ll molt for the first time and get ready to take on the world on their own. You can feed them small feeder insects like baby crickets or other baby insects once they’re separated from their mother.

How Much to Feed Pet Scorpions

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Adult scorpions are fed at least once a week: every other day feeding may be a bit too much. But if your pet is recovering from something and is willing to feed every other day, then it is okay. But in general they are fed no more than twice a week. Don’t be surprised if your pet refuses to feed for several days or even a couple of weeks. Scorpions are known to fast for several days without getting hurt.

When Best to Feed Pet Scorpions

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Pet scorpions are nocturnal. Meaning, they hunt during the night and sleep during the day. So they’re best fed during the night when they’re most active.

How to Store Live Feeder Insects

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Scorpions like to hunt their prey. In fact, they wouldn’t eat unless their food is alive and puts up a fight. So it’s important to store live feeder insects to have steady supply of live feed. For example, you can order a dozen crickets from online pet supplies store that you can store in a separate tank or plastic container. See more on how you can store feeder insects here: Natural Pet Food: Raising Feeder Insects.

Gut Loading Feeder Insects

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To ensure your scorpion gets the important vitamins and minerals it needs for a healthy life, it’s best to gut load feeder insects. Gut loading feeder insects involved feeding feeder insects with nutritious foods and even mixing vitamins and minerals supplement to their food. The logic behind being… the nutrients ingested by the feeder insects are ingested by the pet scorpion too.

The Importance of Water

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And although pet scorpions get most of their water from their food, it’s also good to make water available in their tank. Keep a small, very shallow water dish that won’t drown your pets.

This is the proper way of taking care of your pet scorpions’ diet. One visit from the nearest pet scorpion supplies or online pet supplies store should give you all you need. So there’s no reason you can’t give proper nutrition to your pet scorpion.




7 Responses to “Proper Feeding of Pet Scorpions”

  1. Megan said:

    Hi, I have housed a scorpion that snuck into my bag at some point during our annual Mojave camping trip; I’ve always intended on setting him free the next time we go out, but in the interim, I’ve had him inclosed in a terrarium and have been feeding him half a dozen crickets every one to two weeks; We’ve been caring for him since April, and to our great surprise, yesterday, we found out that “he” happened to be a “she” when we discovered a few dozen babies on her back! I know that after the 2nd instar, the babies should be separated, but we don’t have the room to do so; Does anyone know if people buy these guys? I’d hate to have ‘mommy’ eat all her babies, but I really don’t know what to do – we were NOT expecting to have a couple dozen scorpions! Also, The pic posted here ( looks exactly like her, and I’ve never found out exactly which species she is, she’s about 1 to 1 1/2″ long, can anyone tell me which species she is? THANK YOU!

  2. Scorpion said:

    Hello! Thank you for this information.
    Good day.

  3. naveed ahmad said:

    hi i got a baby scorpion from my bathroom 4 days ago,but i dont know what should i feed him.i m afraid that he might be dead coz of hungeness.plz answer me forthwith.

  4. naveed ahmad said:

    the size of baby scorpion is about 5mm to 10mm.what should i feed him

  5. aaron said:

    My emperor scorpion had babbes but is very mean mom I want them to live so I took them away if I break up crikets and feed them is it ok only like two days old plz help me I want them to live

  6. srini fernando said:

    how to chose a good scorpion as a pet

  7. Michael Zedrick said:

    This is good info.. My Emperor Scorpion I got for my birthday oct. 2012 has just had 13 babies. Her first litter and mine as well. It’s Feb. 2013 now and I await the babies first molting stage then want to sale.


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