The Capuchin Monkeys as Pet

pet capuchin monkey

Ever since “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Night at the Museum,” the capuchin monkeys have gained popularity. You know how it is when Hollywood holds a prop… everyone follows. Another highlight about capuchin monkeys is when a late-night TV news program featured the monkey species as a service primate, as they’ve been trained by a non-profit organization that helps people with disability. But do capuchin monkeys really make a good exotic pet?

Exotic Pet Capuchin Monkey Description

Capuchin monkeys got their name from their looks: their color pattern resembles the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin (O.S.F.C.) from Europe. The extremities and the body are darkly colored by either black or brown; the face, neck, and chest area are lightly colored by white to light brown; the top of the head is darkly colored resembling the hood of the Capuchin friars. This pet new world monkey is a small primate weighing only 2.5 pounds fully matured reaching up to 30 to 56 inches in height with a tail that is as long as its body.

Housing Exotic Pet Capuchin Monkey

pet capuchin monkey cage

Capuchin monkeys live high up on trees jumping from one branch to the next in search of fun and food. They sleep at night wedged between tree branches undercover some vegetation that serves as protection from the elements.

In captivity, exotic pet capuchin monkeys should be housed in a large, tall cage if the animal is not tamed enough to be let in a room. The cage should have enough construction for climbing: ladder, vertical and horizontal bars, dead tree trunks, and other safe playground toys for kids. The animal can’t live in temperate climate, so the temperature and humidity have to be controlled for an outdoor cage.

Feeding Exotic Pet Capuchin Monkey

feeding capuchin monkey

Exotic pets are naturally harder to feed than common pets. In the wild, capuchin monkeys eat roots, flowers, ripe fruits, seeds, vegetation, insects, and other small, crawling animals that live high up on trees. In captivity, they can be given feeder insects like crickets, grasshoppers, and small lizards. They can also eat tropical fruits and vegetables available from the market, depending on the taste of the monkey.

Another good food source of well-balanced diet for leaf-eating primates is the Marion Zoological Leafeater’s Diet Biscuit, which you can order online.

Do Capuchin Monkeys Make Good Pet

pet capuchin monkey temperament

Regardless how Hollywood dresses up capuchin monkeys in the movies and how TV news shine a limelight on the exotic pet, most wildlife experts say capuchin monkeys don’t make good pet. Their 15 minutes of tame expires as soon as they reached sexual maturity. A lot of exotic pet capuchin monkey owners are unloading their pets or surrendering them to zoo keepers because the animals have become more than enough for them to handle.

So unless you have the money and the right veterinary service that can neuter or spay a capuchin monkey, maybe it’s best to leave the exotic animal to the right place… in the jungle.

Exotic Pet Capuchin Monkey Trivia

train capuchin monkey

Tamed and highly trained capuchin monkeys are used as service animals for the disabled in the U.S. But the American Veterinary Medical Association, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Humane Society of the United States don’t recommend this practice. They all believe that the animal is too wild to work or live with humans.

Before thinking about purchasing or adopting a capuchin monkey, ask the Department of Wildlife Rescue in your area because some states in the U.S. (and other countries in the world) ban the private ownership of pet primates. In the U.S., these states are the following: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming. Other states may require you to get a permit or bond, aside from exotic pet insurance, to own a capuchin monkey.




34 Responses to “The Capuchin Monkeys as Pet”

  1. brooke said:

    lol those pics are funny

  2. jaime white said:

    i have found a capuchin monkey i want how do i get a permit for one im in the state of new hampshier keene is the citey

  3. Kristine said:

    do you know of any GOOD breeders? been looking for 2 years..

  4. chris said:

    NEW HAMPSHIRE BANS the ownership of pet primates…………read the last paragraph on this page!!!!!!!

  5. jazmin said:

    hi my name its jazmin and i will like to know how i can get one of this monkeys i really like them you just ave to splain me what tey eat and how the live i live in a big house and i have a big yard im 19 high school graduate please hit me up back

  6. Alyson Johnson said:

    Hi I have researched for many years and I have decided to adopted a capuchin. Please help me to find a trustable person to adopt from. I live in alabama and it is permitted. thanks

  7. Brian Rens said:

    Those (all) bright sparks who believe that Capuchins are too wild to work or live with humans, speak in ignorance!
    They are too busy doing their vet (money making) thing, to give any real time to understanding the Capuchin mind.

    When it comes to “wild”, humans are far above Capuchins in this respect!!!

    If you want to raise and keep one of these ‘children of nature’–great, but at least make an effort to learn to understand them first.

    Brian L. Rens.

  8. annie said:

    i want a pet monkey. if you can get me one i will love you. :)

  9. india hansell said:

    just wondering how much is it to buy a monkey ?x

  10. lauren alcoran said:

    i want a monkey to go with my junge outfit, where, when and how much?? thankyoou:)

  11. hayley woolf said:

    i enjoy eating tropical pets and i would love this one to be a part of my dinner. The cheapest one you can get me please. im not made of money. mmmmm monkey.

  12. ben dover said:

    I believe that the information you are giving is wrong, capuchin monkeys can be extremely vicious, have you not seen pirates of the caribean 1?!?!? that thing was mental!!! you shouldn’t give misleading information. Then again have you seen the episodes of friends where ross has the capuchin monkey, marcell?? that thing was well cute man!!! BUY THEM PEOPLE!!! i hope you find my information helpful:)

  13. debbie hood said:

    i love to have one .i wood take care of it .i stay at home dont go any where . i like to take care of them 3 baby . if i can i take care of them just like kids. think you and god bless you.

  14. baron said:

    hello i have been looking for some time now on the internet and i am sure now i want a monkey, i am not sure if i should get a marmoset monkey a squirel monkey or my favorite the capuchin monkey, i do not care for the fact that he shall bite me even though i will try to train him not to do so for reasons of confiscation but the problem is i live in france and am not sure that a permit would be acquirable or that the climat would be appropriate so if you could tell me that would be great , i have some money to pay for his expenses and shall look after him almost 24/7 i am friends with a vet that knows how to treat exotic animals also i have an extremly big garden and a nice sized house i also want to know if by neutering a monkey it shall disrupt him phsycologicaly i am trying to construct a cage big enough for him to run around and play i would also like to know if a female is less agressive and if she feels better living in an unatural habitat than a male would also i would like to know if it is a good idea to pair to females up or if it is better to pair female and male i know that pairing up to males would create violent behavior due to the monkeys trying to be stronger thant the other to become the alpha male, unless this does not occur unless a female is in the habitat thank you for reading and i hope you will awnser me soon

  15. Tasha said:

    I know someome who owns a monkey as a pet and has owned it for over a year and he is doing great! If anyone is said to have “issues” owning them as pets then maybe some people are raising it in any other way but the right way.. He is very well behaved.Even helps around the house :) Some of them make great roomates. You just have to treat it how you want them to treat you!

  16. alexandra said:

    Hi, we are wondering how much a monkey would cost.

  17. ashley grayden said:

    can you tell me where i can purchase a capuchin monkey without scamm??

  18. kristen mcmanus said:

    tell me more about capuchian monkeys.

  19. Eric said:

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a Capuchin monkey, can you please help as I have spent countless hours searching for a pet Capuchin monkey online please help.

  20. carmen said:

    hello my name is carmen and i will like to know if u guys sale monkeys

  21. caitlynn said:

    I am looking for a female capuchin monkey for free adoption.please contact me at if you know anybody that can give me a capuchin monkey for free adoption.

  22. The Weird Girl with many pets said:

    Ok, people, the monkeys are CRAZY!!!!! I swear to you.

  23. Samantha said:

    i want a capuchin monkey but dont wanna be scammed so please someone tell me someone i can go threw.

  24. mike said:

    I think Tasha said it best below. Just because a man like Charles Manson exists, is no reason to recommend women don’t have children. Good people giving time and attention to a monkey is far better then a zoo and sometimes even better then the jungle. We evolved from apes, and our choice is to live in a house and socialize, extending that to monkeys is not a bad thing. I am not a monkey owner but just surfing the web and rational. boom roasted.

    “I know someome who owns a monkey as a pet and has owned it for over a year and he is doing great! If anyone is said to have “issues” owning them as pets then maybe some people are raising it in any other way but the right way.. He is very well behaved.Even helps around the house Some of them make great roomates. You just have to treat it how you want them to treat you!”

  25. Angela said:

    I would like to own a capuchin monkey, but I dont know the cost

  26. Jamia Willis said:

    Are they illegal in the united states

  27. Kathryn Koseck said:

    I am a disabed persn in serch of someone willing to let me have a baby or very young capuchin monkey as a conpantion my doctor feels that it would be good for my PTSD and anxity

  28. Tiffany Davis said:

    My family and I are interested in adopting or buying a Capuchin. We want to expand or family and I unfortunately am unable to have more children. We have been searching for a while now and have been scammed twice. We can not emotionally or financially afford to be scammed again. Please contact me with more details if possible.

  29. Hitesh choudhary said:

    i want monkey as pet not for earning money but because i just want him as good pet

  30. Kate said:

    A Capuchin Monkey will cost between $6-10,000. They should not be owned by children or Teenagers unless you plan to take it to college with you or to your first job or on your Honetmoon! 90% OF YOU PEOPLE should not own a Monkey. This is a Huge responsibility. Not something you decide on just on a whim. It is like deciding to have a child and keeping that child the rest of your Lifee, 24hrs a day 7 days a week. You need to be at home all the time with the Monkey, as they need constant attention. Do research and volunteer to work with Monkeys first at a friends or at a breeders place. If you dont want to get scammed just look up Breeders online, go there, and only buy a monkey IN Person. Pick up your Monkey and pay for it at the same time.

  31. Kate said:

    cAPUCHINS are legal in some of the United States and banned in others.
    When your Monkey turns about 2 years old, if it is not neutered, it may become aggressive and unmanageable. Your home is not its natural environment. It wants to be with its own kind and have a Family of its own. There is a good chance you will be bitten at some point…..and severely. It is the nature of a Wild Animal to bite.
    Anyone who buys a Monkey without doing their Homework and research for a long long time is just plain dumb. Monkeys will tear your house up, cannot be potty trained, create messes and odors in your home, and will not often like your friends or family/ They get Jealous and want all of your time. What are you going to do with the monkey while at work??? You cant take him with you and you cant leave him alone at home. SWould you leave your 2 yr.old home all day alone in a cage or roaming around the house? Leave the monkeys in the Jungle unless you are a Mature, knowledgeable Adult, reADY TO MAKE a Lifetime committment to this amazing animal

  32. Briana said:

    Hi I am I retested in getting a monkey.please email me or text me at 8093512777 thank you

  33. brittany said:

    How do i get a monkey in the state of louisiana an a permit an what do they cost?

  34. jazzmin gomez said:

    hello i am looking to adopt a baby capuchin. i am a very loving pet owner. please contact me when you get the chance. thank you


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