What Different Dog Sounds Mean

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Have you ever wished to understand exactly your paw-padded best friend with its doggie sound? If only there’s a way to teach a dog human communication right? . . . Since this is not happening in the next gazillion years, why don’t you just learn the meaning of different dog sounds to at least get some form of understanding between you and your pet dog? Dogs are not gifted with tons of vocals, so it’s pretty easy to differentiate different dog sounds.

The Whimpering Sound

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The soft whimpering sound is not hard to miss and understand because you’re so familiar with it since your dog is a puppy. It’s the dog’s first vocals, in fact. When your dog makes a whimpering sound, it’s usually telling you that it’s scared or hurt and in pain. You’ll often hear dogs make this sound when they’re left in an unfamiliar place or when you take them to a vet for a checkup.

The Whining Sound

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The whining sound is also pretty common among puppies; it’s one of the first vocals that a dog learns also. You’ll often hear whining dog sounds when your puppy is hungry for food or attention from its humans. But whining sound is also common among adult dogs for the same meaning; you’ll also hear it when your dog wants to be let out from a cage or untied from his leash.

The Sighing Sound

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Although dogs know how to sigh when they’re frustrated or disappointed, they often sigh when they’re about to snooze. You’ll notice that your dog straightens up its forelegs, stretches a bit before lying down on its belly resting its head on its stretched forelegs and letting a pretty convincing sigh. This means that it’s tired and it’s ready to sleep. The frustrated sigh is different as you’ll notice the dog wouldn’t do the usual doggie-sleep-rituals. It just lets out a sigh and then drops itself forcefully on the floor.

The Different Barking Sounds

Among the dog sounds that are pretty hard to differentiate are the barking sounds. Dogs can make several barking sounds, and they can tell different meaning depending on the situation and the presence of other ambient sounds.

hound dogs

The baying sound – You’ll observe this pretty often when the dog is hunting or you’re out for an adventure with your dog in a strange place. This means that it sees something interesting that it wants you to see also. The dog makes the baying sound and makes gestures like dashing forward at you and quickly turning around and stopping. It’s kind of convincing you to follow it.

The warning bark - Dogs let out a warning bark when they’re threatened or when there’s an intruder around – could be other dogs or human. They let out short, forceful barks at first to warn the intruder and will gradually ensue into long, loud barks almost like howling growls when they feel the danger is growing.

security dogs

The alarm bark – You’ll often hear this type of bark when there’s ambient sound around which the dog can’t see where it’s coming from. The dog lets out several confused short barks until you actually check what’s going on or asks it to be quiet.

bored dog

The prolonged bark – This bark is meant to get your attention to the point of annoying you to submission. You’ll often hear this dog sounds when the dog wants to go out for a walk or wants to be let out from a cage.

hurt dog

The yelp – This is a single loud burst that a dog lets out when it’s hurt. It’s a tell-tale sign of something wrong going on inside the dog when you can see obvious wrong on the dog.

toy dogs

Stutter bark – You can’t miss a stutter bark with the tail in full mast. This means your dog wants to play. The rof, rof sound dogs are so famous of.

The Howling Sound

dog howl

That eerie sound that the dog makes that is so famous in horror movies is pretty telling. And it usually tells the owner that his or her pooch is ready to procreate. Yes, dogs howl, especially the males, when there’s a female around the neighborhood looking for him for that purpose.

Spoiled dog also howls and whines when it’s left at home; the so called dog separation anxiety symphony. When your dog gets excited when you come home from work, it wants to howl too; almost like a growling howl with the tail wagging and the ears held back.




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